Unpacking ASQA audit reports and files (Part 3)

September 30, 2019

Let's look into what is actually going on in the audits and ASQA practices. This is part 3 of the ongoing series. We are referring here a number of cases from the different audits conducted by the Australian  Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). 


1. ASQA officers justifying their statements using information that contradicts all documented and credible evidence.


2. Maybe understanding the training package requirements and course entry requirements to enrol into a course might help. 


3. Targeting the RTO’s based on the training and assessment resource provider they use!! Referring to the resource provider names in the official documents submitted to Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).  


4. Assessment resources are non-compliant because an Auditor has said so? 


5. ASQA questioning the credibility of RTO staff by using completely incorrect and ridiculous information  



6. Industry suggested feedback implemented and all clauses made compliant except the main clause 1.6 of “Industry consultation” 


7. How can you make up your mind before auditing an organisation? What is the purpose of audit then? Is the audit merely a bureaucratic process? 


8. Incompetency to its highest level