Interview: Tamara Simon: Australia’s Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach from ‘Take Another Look’.

September 10, 2019

Here is a copy of our interview with Tamara Simon - Australia’s Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach. 




Tamara Simon is the Australia’s Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach who knows the key to RTO success lies in your Business Strategy, People Performance and Systems Simplification.


Tamara has taken countless RTO CEOs, RTO Managers and RTO Owners from feeling stuck and burnt out to getting back in control with simple solutions because she is all about the HOW!. 


With over 20 years experience in VET, change management and business improvement including being FITAB’s CEO, Tamara’s down to earth yet straight talking attitude provides her coaching clients and audience members with practical and fun ways to manage a simple profitable RTO business which everyone actually loves.


Tamara has written the first and only business book specifically for RTOs:  The Five Little RTO Pigs, and has developed Australia’s only 12 week webinar PD Program for anyone running or aspiring to run an RTO called RTO Grow.  She also hosts her monthly RTO Conversations Webinars where she chats with one of her 3 industry specialists (Compliance, Finance and Marketing) to provide RTOs with tips to build, manage and grow a profitable RTO business.


Her leadership and management expertise was recognised as a Finalist in the Queensland Telstra Business Women’s Awards and the Institute of Managers and Leaders (was AIM)’s Excellence Awards. 


She loves sport including AFL, netball and tennis; and she is a passionate member of the Hawthorn AFL Football Club.


Contact Details:

Take Another Look

0438 262 727




Tamara, in a nutshell, what has been your experience of working in the training and education industry? 


For over 20 years, I’ve been working in what I call ‘RTO Land’ – firstly as an auditor and developer/implementer of Training Packages within the old ITAB environment which is now the SSOs which included being CEO of the Qld Forest Industries ITAB. 


I also worked with Education Queensland and was the industry representative with a team of teachers when School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships were first introduced in Qld.  My role was to help RTOs and Schools understand their roles inside and outside the school gate, as well as helping DET determine the funding model and processes for the three education sectors.


I have then run a number of RTOs and held every position (RTO CEO, RTO Manager, Compliance Manager and Trainer/Assessor).  I have also been a Velg Training Presenter and Compliance Consultant.


Since 2002, I have run my own small business which has 2 business brands:  Business Scene Investigation for small business owners, and Take Another Look for RTOs.


What is the purpose of Take Another Look and how can a training organisations benefit?


As a Speaker, Author and Coach, I helps anyone running (or aspiring to run) an RTO – be it Owner, CEO or Manager; and take them from feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and STUCK to SIMPLE SOLUTIONS which helps them better manage their day, their team and their RTO.


Why? Because I know there are so many fabulous RTOs out there doing great training and upskilling our workforce BUT unfortunately, they are not always running great businesses.  And if you run an expensive hobby instead of a simple profitable RTO business, no matter how good your training is, your business won’t survive.


And this happens because most people running RTOs are great at training but don’t always have the skills and knowledge to do all the other essential functions…. Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and Systems.


And without the business fundamentals of:


  • Time Management

  • Business Strategy

  • People Performance

  • Systems Simplification


the RTO becomes a place of:


  • Frustration

  • Confusion and

  • Overwhelm


Not only for those managing the RTO, but the staff and students as well.


So I help RTOs through:


  • Coaching sessions – either one on one or group sessions – to provide accountability, support and c