INTERVIEW: Dianne Dayhew CEO, National Apprentice Employment Network

August 14, 2019



Dianne, in a nutshell, what has been your experience of working in the training and education industry?


I have worked in training, education and employment since the mid-1990s. I have seen many ministers, governments and policies come and go, great initiatives start, gain traction, and disappear. One thing about vocational education and training is that it is heavily impacted by government policy changes, and my career has adapted and changed often as a result of such changes.

The wonderful part has been working with colleagues who are extremely committed to vocational education and training, and the joy of seeing careers for young people and others in mid-career kick off as result.


What is the purpose of the National Apprentice Employment Network and how can training organisations benefit?


The purpose of the National Apprentice Employment Network is to advocate on behalf of employers of more than 25,000 employers of trainees and apprentices from diverse backgrounds and locations across Australia who are employed through Group Training Organisations (GTOs).  GTOs provide an employment safety net for trainees and apprentices to assist retention and completion through supported pastoral care.


The GTO is the legal employer of the trainee or apprentice as part of a training contract with the training provider, which is lodged with the State or Territory Training Authority.  The GTO has a separate agreement with a business or organisation to “host” the employment of the trainee or apprentice and release them for formal training and assessment on or off-the-job.


Some GTOs are also registered as training providers to deliver qualifications for their trainees and appr