Quality Assessment and Learner Resources

Clauses 1.8 to 1.12 of Standard for RTOs 2015 means your RTO must:

  • Ensure graduates meet industry expectations as expressed in training packages and VET accredited courses

  • Deliver training and assessment that allows students both the opportunity and the time to develop their skills and knowledge and to practice and demonstrate their skills in a holistic and meaningful way

  • Ensure assessment judgements are consistently made on a sound basis

  • Ensure validation of assessment judgements is carried out

  • Ensure The assessment system includes not only the actual materials used directly in conducting assessment, but also policies, procedures and other supporting documents and tools that inform the way assessment is conducted within your RTO

  • Ensure that a student assessed as competent, the student has

    • Absorbed the knowledge

    • Developed the skills

    • Can combine the knowledge and skills to demonstrate:

      • Ability to perform relevant tasks in a variety of workplace situations, or accurately simulated workplace situations

      • Consistency in performance and a consistent ability to demonstrate skills when performing tasks

      • Understanding of what they are doing, and why, when performing tasks

      • Ability to integrate performance with understanding, to show they are able to adapt to different contexts and environments

    • A student must:

      • Be assessed against all of the tasks identified in the elements of the unit or module

      • Demonstrate they are capable of performing these tasks to an acceptable level.

  • Assessment must always be based on the performance of the individual student. If assessment tasks are undertaken as a group, each student must be assessed on each component of the task. Do not assume that because a group of students completed a task, each of them is competent.

  • Recognition of prior learning is simply a form of assessment of a student’s competence. Recognition of prior learning uses evidence from formal, non-formal and informal learning rather than from specific assessment activities directed by the RTO. This evidence is often combined with assessment activities sometimes known as ‘challenge testing’. As such, recognition of prior learning must be conducted with the same rigour as any other form of assessment.

Why you need our assessment and learner resources

ASQA’s regulatory experience shows that many RTOs continue to struggle to demonstrate compliance with Standard 1, in particular with clause 1.8. This calls into question the integrity of the qualifications issued and in the long term can have a detrimental effect on student and employer confidence in the outcomes of the training system. You need to show that your RTO’s practice aligns with your assessment system and validation plan. Consider what information sources will confirm that your RTO practices and assessment methods—including your validation activities—support this alignment. An example of this might be ensuring actual completed student assessments are retained in the appropriate student files, aligned with the appropriate assessment tool. You will need to retain sufficient assessment evidence to be able to validate assessment judgements.

Our quality assured assessment resources come with an audit and update guarantee. All our resources:

  • Meet all the training package requirements such as principles of assessment and rules of evidence

  • Are developed by subject matter experts

  • Are validated by industry experts

  • Are compliant and quality assured by compliance experts.


We can:

  • Help you ensure compliance with clauses 1.8 to 1.12 of the standards for RTOs 2015 

  • Develop all your assessment tools that meet the requirements of the standards for registered training organisations (RTOs) 2015

  • Provide you with ready-to-use assessment tools

  • Customise assessment tools to your requirements

  • Assure content accuracy and relevant to the workplace requirements

  • Assure appropriateness of language used for the learners

  • Provide you with unlimited student license – you can deliver and assess training to as many students as you want using this learning and assessment resource.

  • Provide you with:

    • Learner assessment tasks/ workbooks

    • Trainer/ assessor assessment pack with benchmark answers

    • Mapping document - mapped to training package requirements

    • Access to simulated business resources (templates, policies, procedures etc.)

    • Learner guides / content

    • PowerPoint presentation slides

    • Session plans

    • Class activity book

    • Self study guides for learners

  • Resources that go through quality checks by validators that are ISO 9001 certified vet auditors with several years’ experience working with ASQA and other regulators.









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