Learning Management System Services

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a complex database that is combined with a digital framework designed to manage curriculum, training materials, and evaluation tools. The LMS allows anyone to create, track, manage and distribute learning materials of any kind electronically with unprecedented reach and flexibility.

The LMS has become a powerful tool for RTOs looking to get an advantage over their competitors by providing a mobile eLearning platform for their students to access anywhere, anytime.

Generally, a LMS possesses features that meet the needs of a student management, trainer and educator needs and student learning resources. Some common components or features that can be found in many eLearning platforms include:

  • Compliance - ensures that training is consistent in content and delivery, levels of understanding can be assessed through online tests, certificates and badges can be issued and stored, reports can be produced to show specific results, e,g. completions or non-completions etc.

  • Roll: A digital roll call sheet for tracking attendance and sending student invitations to class participants

  • Registration Control: A customised ability to monitor the registration processes of eLearning curriculum

  • Document Management: Upload and management of documents containing learning content.

  • Multiple device access: Delivery of courses to different type of devices such as desktops, phones or tablets

  • Distributed trainer and student base: Remote participation by the trainer or student allows courseware to feature multiple trainers or experts from anywhere

  • Course calendars: Creation and publication of course schedules, deadlines and tests

  • Student Engagement: collaboration between and among students, such as instant messaging, email, and discussion forums

  • Assessment and testing: Creation of activities, short quizzes and comprehensive exams

  • Grading and Scoring: Tracking and charting of student performance over the duration of their course

Advantages of a LMS

Like many information technology innovations, LMS software is able to add efficiency to RTO’s learning systems, with a number of other benefits like:

  • Organising eLearning content in one location

  • Providing unlimited access to eLearning materials

  • Easily tracking learner progress and performance

  • Reducing learning and development costs

  • Reducing learning and development time

  • Keeping organisations up-to-date with compliance regulations

  • Quickly and conveniently expanding eLearning courses

  • Integrates social learning experiences between students and trainers

Why you need us for your LMS management

If your RTO offers courses that are not on an LMS, you must consider introducing one.

We can help you:

  • Advise on an appropriate LMS

  • Meet your compliance requirements using a LMS

  • Establish a LMSfor your RTO

  • If you already have one, assess your LMS functionality needs and advise on improvements

  • Make learning more accessible to your students

  • Boost your engagement with your learning cohort

  • Cut costs and improve efficiency (time and cost involved in travel, admin, and materials etc.)









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