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English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)

The international market for higher education in Australia has had a steady increase over the last 2 decades.

Why you need us for your ELICOS registration

Our experienced ELICOS consultants have a wealth of skill and knowledge in registering and implementing ELICOS programs, dealing with CRICOS, ASQA, TEQSA and PRISMS.

ELICOS applies to students studying in Australia on student visas. ‘Intensive’ denotes full-time study comprising a minimum of 20 scheduled course contact hours per week of face-to-face classes of English language instruction.

ELICOS forms a significant part of Australia’s international education sector. Students come from overseas to study the English language for a variety of reasons. Some need to improve their English for work or career purposes, some have a personal interest in becoming fluent in English, and some intend to travel. Others may want to continue their education in English, either in Australia or elsewhere, and need to develop the language skills to undertake further study. Consequently, the ELICOS Standards enhance Australia’s reputation as a provider of quality education to international education markets and assist in attracting high quality international students to Australia.

The National standards for ELICOS providers and courses were developed by the Australian Government and state and territory governments in consultation with the ELICOS sector.


In July 2011 the ELICOS Standards were made legislative instruments under ESOS. All ELICOS providers are now required to meet the Standards to be registered on CRICOS.


On 11 October 2017, the Education and Training Minister's delegate approved the ELICOS Standards 2018.

The ELICOS Standards 2018 will apply to new and existing providers from 1 January 2018, and to transitioning providers from 1 March 2018.


Source: https://internationaleducation.gov.au/Regulatory-Information/Education-Services-for-Overseas-Students-ESOS-Legislative-Framework/ELICOSnationalstandards/Pages/Default.aspx

What we will provide/do for you

To provide ELICOS, providers are required to meet the Standards of a registered CRICOS RTO.


Registering for CRICOS

  • We allocate a consultant who will assist you through the whole application process

  • We will help you

    • Address the VET quality framework

    • Address the requirements of ESOS Act and the National Code of Practice

    • Develop the submission to ASQA as a CRICOS provider

    • Develop ESOS and CRICOS compliant policies and procedures for your RTO

    • Prepare your online ASQAnet Application

    • Develop the International student handbook, which includes all the relevant policies and procedures for your international students

    • Develop the international trainer’s handbook, which includes all the relevant policies and procedures for your trainers and assessors, including their responsibilities as a CRICOS trainer.

    • Develop the staff handbook

    • Meet your Council requirements and gaining council approval of your building

    • Understand Student Visa requirements

    • Identify International Agents who can assist with the recruitment of your students

    • Prepare for your ASQA audit

  • We can

    • Work with you and your team to get your RTO compliant and ready for audit

    • Provide an experienced Auditor who could attend your ASQA Audit and coach you through the compliance requirements on the day of your audit

    • Develop an Audit Folder—including all compliance forms, policies and procedures that have been submitted to ASQA

    • Perform an internal Audit—conducted at your premises to assist you with the preparations for audit and to ensure that you are ready for it

    • Assistance with Rectifications—if required, includes the provision of an Action Plan identifying what needs to be completed to meet compliance requirements

Registering for ELICOS

  • We allocate a consultant who will assist you through the whole application process

  • Applying initial CRICOS registration to offer an ELICOS course application


  • We will help you to: 

    • Demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements under the:

      • Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act)

      • Education Services for Overseas Students Regulations 2001 (ESOS Regulations)

      • National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2017 (National Code), and

      • ELICOS National Standards.









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